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Here are some more great tips for targeting your press release, from Julie Sherwood of Get In the Press.  You can see previous articles written by Julie here.

  • Get to know your publication inside and out. Really know the pages, the style, the days they print on.
  • Get the timing right.. Find out when press day is and work around that day.
  • If you have a really strong angle perfect for a specific magazine/paper, pitch it to them first. Offer exclusivity. Work through one at a time and make your pitch really personal, explaining why the story would be so right for that publication.
  • Believe in your pitch, voice your passion, make it real so you connect with your journalist and build a rapport.
  • Build your media database and add info to it, such as specific days or topics that a particular journalist likes.
  • Can you offer an interview or something with the article, a discount, free access or membership to those readers. Sell the benefits to the journalist.
  • Journalists are busy and are hounded by PRs daily. Just get straight to the point. Start with an interesting fact, quote or thought provoking questions. Tie it in with a recent feature in another publication or news event. Draw the journalist in.
  • Don't waste their time, prove to them that you can provide stats or quotes and stick to the deadlines. Prove that you keep your word and become a reliable source to boost your credibility.
  • If you are sending your press release pitch out by email use around 40 characters in your subject line and sell the angle in these characters. The first couple of words are really important as the email may cut off or not display other words in the subject line field.
  • You may find it easier to write the subject line and header last of all – not first. Try it and see.

If you'd like someone to manage your PR campaigns, or perhaps you'd like to undertake some PR Coaching, go to Get in the Press, or  contact Julie Sherwood This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

"Julie Sherwood is extremely well-connected within the media and is tenacious and proactive in her pursuit of press coverage. She is also able to work and deliver to tight deadlines, and is always someone who can be relied upon"  - Antonia Wilkinson, Head of PR, Penguin Group.

If professional PR is what you are looking for, then you have come to the right place by hiring Julie. Julie is warm, friendly, patient and took the time to familiarize herself with my business and the result was a very professional engaging PR. Thank you ever so much Julie” 
Sherene Murray, Tee's Caribbean Recipe Kits.

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