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It can be difficult searching for employment when your circumstances are demanding; whether it's childcare and domestic duties, or otherwise not having the time to walk around the town centre with a stack of CVs. Luckily there's another way to find the job you're looking for.





With online job search sites like, the process couldn't be simpler. Simply log on, create a search based on criteria like location, hours and salary - and you'll receive an instant response containing roles which may be suitable for you. These sites are plugged into many sources of job vacancies like the JobCentre and the local papers, and as such can return any relevant information you need on the kind of job you're looking for.

Even with these set options laid out - if you have your eye on a sales job that specifies 40 hours a week for example, it's still worth getting in touch with the employer using the contact details supplied to see if they're able to compromise; you needn't be frightened off by the demands they set out if you turn out to be the candidate they want.

With more and more employers looking to the internet to send out their vacancies, the days of hanging a sign in a shop window will soon be over. Online searching saves you time and hassle - as well as the petrol or bus fare spent on a more exhaustive search on foot - so search Google for jobs in your area and you'll soon be on your way to finding that new job!

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