Mentoring Mum is our business mentoring service for mums in business or stay at home mums with a great business idea. Whether you are just starting out, or at a crossroads in your business with a specific challenge to face, we have a mumpreneur with relevant experience who would love to help you.

A mentor is a guide who helps the mentee face professional challenges and answer business queries through the posing of questions, sharing of their own experiences and challenging the mentee.

Mentors rely upon having had similar experiences to gain empathy with the mentee and an understanding of their issues.

The aim of Mentoring Mum is to do exactly that - to provide mums in business with support and advice from mums who have been there, done that.

You will get a connection with someone who understands your unique position as a mumpreneur, help with different facets of business, someone to bounce your ideas off, a cheerleader and an addition to your network - all rolled into one!

Affordable Business Mentoring for Mums in Business

At Motivating Mum we understand that money can be tight, when you are planning and starting up your first business, yet that is exactly when you need the most support and help. For that reason, we have kept the cost of our mentoring sessions affordable, while still allowing our mums in business some compensation for the time they are giving.

Most of our mentors would be able to charge considerably more for their time in their professional capacity or for private business mentoring, and we are very grateful that they have chosen to give some of their time and experience to help our mums.

Cost : £20 for a 30 minute telephone mentoring session

Get Started with Business Mentoring

To get started, select the Choose your Mentor tab from the menu above.  You can choose your mentor from the list of names or from the list of subjects covered, and book and pay for a session online.  Once you have paid your fee, you will be invited to complete a small questionnaire about you and your business, so that your chosen mentor can prepare for your call and give you the best value possible for your time.

If you are not ready for mentoring yet, why not check out some of our Articles and Features, and Blog Posts which cover all aspects of setting up a business.  For example, you could get information and advice on designing your website, visit the top 10 best web hosting and business set-up sites, and you can browse both the Articles and the Blogs by topic to find what is relevant to you.

We are always happy to consider new business mentors.  If you run a successful business and would like to be considered as a Motivating Mum mentor, please send some brief details about yourself to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

wahm, mumpreneur

"Alli brings a high level of coaching skill to her mumpreneur clients. Her questions help you open your mind to possibility, while she remains extremely supportive to your emotions. She is also motivated, a great listener, resourceful, effective and a lot of fun... and this was clear even when communicating by phone across an ocean."

Jen Denys, HR Consultant & Career Management Professional & WAHM

"I got a lot out of the session and felt it was good value for money. We hit the ground running because we were well matched and Maria was briefed before the session. By having the session on the phone we stayed on the subject and utilised time well. I feel much more confident about the future with my forthcoming family and am very grateful to Alli and Maria for their support."

Hayley Widlake, Managing Director, Dor-2-Dor & Mumpreneur

Business Mentor of the Month


profile picture
Name: Monica Costa
Sessions: 2
Business: Avanti PR and London Mums

After experience in Marketing and PR, Monica has set up two businesses, Avanti PR and London Mums


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